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Year 16 Day 145 16:20
Hey all,

I played this like 5 years ago or so, I was a part of a faction, they hooked me up with a ship, and I did a run, at least I think I finished it. Anyways, I decided to check back in, and I'm on the same ship that I logged out on, but I have no ownership of it. I can't seem to exit, nor fly it. I think I used to be a part of a faction called SSS, but they don't seem to be around any more. I must have been in this ship for 5 years, just sitting up in orbit or something, I don't even know what planet.

So, is there anything that can be done? Just make a new character? Can I be teleported to the surface and start anew?

Thanks all!

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Han Sparks
Year 16 Day 145 17:14
Victor O`Cuinn
Victor O`Cuinn
There should be a "Contact Owner" button when you are in the cock pit


Year 16 Day 145 19:21
Thanks for the quick reply, I sent off a message. How long do I have to wait? I've apparently been up there for over 5-6 years. I'm surprised the owner hasn't come back for his ship.


Han Sparks
Year 16 Day 145 20:14
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
It depends on how active the person is. He/she prob doesnt even know that you are there. If they are inactive then you might be in trouble


Year 16 Day 145 21:53
worst case scenario, you drop your character and wait the 3 weeks to start a new one.

Year 16 Day 146 19:19
If you don't receive a response, you can make a support ticket at support.swcombine.com and the ASims can check into it for you. In situations where you are trapped, clearly not arrested, and the owner of the entity is long inactive, they will move you. If the owner is active they will be able to let you know that, too.



Year 16 Day 147 6:56
Yeah I just dropped mine two weeks ago, but my faction sent me to a 'jail'. It was pretty funny, and then I killed my character.

Year 16 Day 147 18:22
Alexander von Ismay
Alexander von Ismay
Which SSS? Davidus' or the Anzat one?
I only ask because Davidus' most of the stuff is in Black Sun and I can check the ID#s if you give a type of ship.

Worth a shot.


"Whenever feasible, one should always eat the rude."
Year 16 Day 148 2:09
He said faction called SSS, so probably Starypan, Lex. I told him to contact TSK and see if he has any luck.

Year 16 Day 148 20:08
Thali`a N`ightshade
Thali`a N`ightshade
The ship could be anybodies now. I refer to Lex and say an ID and ship type would be helpful and possibly post it in Traders Forum


Image from Gyazo
Year 16 Day 148 21:19
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
After some digging his location is:

Sector: Bortele Cluster
System: Zchtek (310, 150)
Planet Orbit: Zchtek IV (8, 12)

I have offered to pick him up and drop him somewhere if he is still stuck there in a week's time (coincidentally I'm enroute to somewhere near for different reasons).