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Daehd Moroz
Daehd Moroz
Have some questions regarding this subject:

1) "For droids, creatures, and facilities, the armor stat is an intrinsic value listed for each entity on the appropriate rules page, called "damage reduction," to avoid the connotations of "armor" for facilities (such as additional hull, etc.)."

Has this damage reduction value been added? Can't see it on the creatures's rules pages. I can see that firepower values for them have been added though

2) How is the attack skill of the Creatures calculated, they only have Dexterity and no Weapon Skills, so they will always have a lower attack skill cap? I guess Strength is not taken into account?

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Ever sincerely yours,

Quarrenoghri Daehd Moroz
Strength is used as the creature weapon skill.

Creatures receive no damage reduction. Their durability is reflected by their HP values. I suppose in theory they would have damage reduction, but they simply weren't given such a value because they have a lot of HP instead. If that becomes a balance concern, damage reduction will appear on their rules.