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Year 16 Day 149 22:13
Well, I put up the listing about Keycard sale on CPM. It has "Keycard Test 123 (Not for sale, experiment only) (#268220)" written on the Listing, which can be seen on CPM main page. Actually, it's my first time to put up the entity "for sale" on CPM. I also added the location detail on the item in question. Well, I did put it up successfully on CPM, although, as the name/title implies, it's not for sale. However, I haven't get used with the CPM auction system yet as I'm still learning it now.

What comes the question is, why I can't change the ID Number of the Keycard on CPM (#268220) with the ID Number of the actual existed Keycard on SWC (#7144586)? I also can't change the details, just in case the entity has been relocated or such, for updating the info in order to tell the buyer or bidder that entity is ready to be shipped off, with exception of "add location" details. The only way I can "edit" the Listing is to delete it.

Why is that? Is there any way to change/replace the ID Number of entity on CPM with the real one like I mention it before, as well as, to change/update the Listing's details?

Additionally, I'm currently have only 10 ToTos now. The CPM said that I can get more ToTo by leaving feedback on the users' profiles. Since my first time on CPM, I reluctantly will use even only 1 ToTo if I'm planning to renew the old Listing. Because of that, I've to make "new" Listing, although the entity that I put up on the Listing is similar to the old one, just in case if I'm running out of ToTos.

The questions are marked in bold. That's all my questions.

Edit: I did something rude.

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Year 16 Day 149 23:04
Victor O`Cuinn
Victor O`Cuinn
1st off you are not allowed to list something just for the sake of listing. Everything on CPM is for sale to everyone. (Would be in your interest to read the rules).

Also CPM is not regulated by the Admins of SWC.

The ID of the listing is that way for url look up, this prevents you from changing it.

Details are locked in to prevent scams and scam attempts. It is wise to have the item all ready to go before listing it. However if information changes to are allowed to add to the description, just not change it.

ToTos are just used on CPM and are not a huge factor with it atm so do not worry about it, but you can buy them with credits.

Also, if you have future questions, the best person to ask is Togan Jano since he runs the CPM.



Year 16 Day 149 23:10
Thanks a bunch for your answer, Victor. I've deleted the Listing I put up on CPM.



Year 16 Day 150 10:17
Victor pretty much answered your questions but I'm going to elaborate a bit.

The only thing in a listing that's changeable after it's posted is the description (in case you missed something). However, it is only possible to add something to the description. Those updates are appended to the previous text and clearly marked as updates with the date and time of the change.

The ID in the listing's title is unrelated to the entityIDs, it's the ID of the listing (which is also present in the URL to the listing) and is mainly relevant for debugging purposes. At this time, it's not possible to add the entityIDs to the listing, except in the description. Future updates - once SWC's WebAPI is released - will offer that functionality, but at this time it's mostly irrelevant to add that info. The only time people might want to know the ID of an entity is if it's somehow relevant to them, e.g. a ship with a three-digit ID (indicating that it's very old) or a specific ship, that belonged to someone else. That information can clearly be posted in the description.

Relisting an unbought listing is free the first time, only if it's not bought after that relist will it cost to relist the listing without creating a new one! Think about the "relisting" feature of a way to extend your listing. If you simply create a new listing, you won't be charged anything.

Finally, as Victor already stated, test listings aren't allowed (except for those I create to test features or bugs). If someone had bought your keycard, you would have been obligated to sell it to them.

Year 16 Day 150 20:54
OK, looks like I've to learn more about how to use CPM properly and carefully before I decide to put up any stuff to listing, due to such circumstance.

I tried to buy 1 ToTos for 25k Creds, although I didn't know where to buy it from, whether from the faction (Centrepoint Space Station) or the faction leader, Togan Jano. Either way, I should get 1 ToTos now. I don't know whether I will get ToTos within 24H or not, but one thing I'm sure is, that I forgot to add detail when buying the ToTo, either for myself or faction. Anyway, lesson learned.

Yesterday, I put up Keycard on listing for sale which worth 10k Creds. Since that was my first time to put up something on CPM, the price I put for the Keycard was from SWC Rules as was using it as the reference (the actual price on it was 11,820 Creds). Someone offered 100 Creds to buy it, but I rejected the offer, as I was testing back then with no intention to sell it, but thanks to Victor's reminder, I deleted it from the list. At least I know the actual price for the Keycard on CPM.



Year 16 Day 151 1:50
I generally process ToTo sales once a day. If you didn't follow the instructions from the FAQ, it might take a bit longer until you receive your ToTos. Also, every new account gets 10 free ToTos automatically, so there generally is no need to buy any at the beginning.

Note that the prices on SWC's rules pages are merely the raw material prices defined by the server, they don't have much relation to actual prices in the game.

Centrepoint provides a page with price statistics as well, simply click the "Database" link at the top of the CPM page.

If you have any more questions about the CPM (or trading in general), feel free to contact me directly.