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Year 16 Day 155 20:59
What happens after doing enough ionic damage to a droid to disable it? Does it drop out of its squad, or is it still a potential target when attacking the squad again? If it doesn't drop out of the squad, will the other bandits/droids in the squad need to be eliminated before it can be captured, or can the droid be swiped right out of its surviving squad mates?

Additionally, if a facility is disabled, are any installed doors inside affected (or will be affected eventually)? Would the doors all open, or get stuck in whatever state they were in when the facility disabled?

Year 16 Day 156 2:48
The droid cannot continue to take ionic damage when it is disabled because there is no ionic damage left to take, and it can be immediately captured upon being disabled.

You gain crewlist access to the entity, so just like anyone else with crewlist access, you do not magically gain access to all of the doors. They need to be hacked if they are present.

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Year 16 Day 156 12:39
Nice. So once a droid is disabled, it's still a target when attacking the squad, and can take HP damage if attacked with non-ionic weapons. And also for ionic attacks, it just won't have any effect, right? (Similar to hitting an opponent "...but it was already dead.")

Year 16 Day 159 4:03

Yes. It might actually show that message as well if you do further ionic damage. I must admit I haven't checked, and the message generating code is frustrating to deal with so I just avoid it. Making sure that further hull damage happens even when disabled was on the initial reports from QA and should be functional.


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