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Archives » Can I have my registered email changed?
I don't use my registration email and I have switched to my current email a long time ago. So what is the point of the registered email is it an identifying mark? I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I would prefer to forget that ancient email? Can I have my registered email changed?

I might move this post to admin questions. I bet the answer is no. I hate being so nit picky.

Registered e-mail is just used for records in case you lose access to your account some day and need to be able to provide identifying information about it to prove it is yours. The preferred e-mail is the only one that is used for any sort of communications, and the only one anyone other than the admins can view.



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So can I change my registered email?

Loftano Drak
Loftano Drak
Syn already said registered is only for records, you can change your preferred email for otherwise communication.

Guess I will live with it. Presumably there will be a big records update in the future?

Highly unlikely. I don't see why your registered email matters anyway. Mine is also something I don't have access to it and it doesn't affect anything.