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Year 16 Day 158 12:15
It might be that this was something long ago, and has since been modified without me catching it. But I seem to remember that shields on the edges of planetary grids would "wrap around" to the other side of the planet. Whether it be just for cosmetic reasons, or that some edges of planets are unable to be shielded due to their terrain, but would be shielded from the opposite side where terrain would support a shield generator.

I am currently turning shields on that were placed in that type of configuration to be able to wrap around for full planetary coverage. I am not, however, seeing the wraparound effect. I do not know if this is a bug, or me being mis informed.

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Fights like Hurricane, Killing, Ecstasy, Insane.
Year 16 Day 158 13:04
You are misinformed, shields never did this.

Year 16 Day 158 15:45
Well F*ck.




Fights like Hurricane, Killing, Ecstasy, Insane.
Year 16 Day 158 16:44
We really don't treat the edges of planets as conjoining, in any aspect. Really, as with other "sizes" and entities in SWC it's better to think of it as a representative sample/cross section.

Year 16 Day 159 7:23
Related, although obscurely, the 33% chance of "terrain destruction" when a deposit is completely depleted is based off of the singular entity/deposit completion or that calculation run per mine that is actively mining that deposit?

basically, I want to turn a cave into, well, anything else to support a SG build site. The cave has a deposit. Would putting multiple mines on it increase the probablilty calculation run of the terrain destruction?

Year 16 Day 159 15:11
I wasn't sure, so I just looked, and terrain morphing isn't even implemented. It's also not on the rules, so I'm not sure if it was removed on purpose or what. The code is there in the backend utility, but not actually implemented in the mining action where it would need to be to work.

Also, better to open a new topic for a new subject rather than renaming your subject, so people could easily search for shields/terrain transformation.

Year 16 Day 159 18:48
Terrain morphing used to work but it's been years since I have seen a terrain change.