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Archives » Total new player. Question on character creation.
Hi all, I have recently registered have been reading the rules to get to know the game and it’s workings. As I don't yet have a character I can't access the other forums.

I can’t really see any definitive, proper, answers to my question though, just some vague information.

I am yet to fully create my character and, before I do, I wanted to know what types of jobs there are. This will depend on what stats I give my character etc and will generally give me a path to follow.

I understand there are a lot of jobs out there but I don’t get what people do on a day to day basis, work-wise.

Basic jobs, like piloting/delivery and I’ve read up on prospecting/mining and facility/production management, seem straight forward and self-explanatory. BUT, when I go to the create character screen there are templates to chose from, which is good but I don’t know what each of the jobs actual entail.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. The jobs/templates that I am unsure of and don’t understand the point of, are :

Capital Ship Commander – would this just be for piloting capital ships as opposed to “fighters”?

Diplomat – is there a need for diplomats within the game? And if so, what do they do on a day to day basis?

Mechanic/Slicer – Is this for production?

Scientist – Really unsure of this one.

Sniper, Warrior, Medic & Infantry Commander - I understand P2P combat has not been implemented, although there is a plan for it at some point. So what jobs are there at the moment for any of these?

Thanks again for any help you can give.

The templates are very rough and generally give more RP skill choices. Most jobs can be done by anyone with any level of skill - activity and willingness to learn are more prized than any character with the perfect skill set. Also several roles are aligned with features that are in progress or yet to be completed (such as ship based combat, research and so on).

More specifically answering about those roles:

Capital Ship - at the moment ship combat isn't out so we cannot say with any certainty if and how it might work

Diplomat - these are generally RP roles as it involves just talking with other players. Very little game-based skills are needed really for this.

Mechanic/slicer - this is for more sneaky options such as breaking locks, freeing prisoners and hacking the galaxy-wide news network.

Scientist - R&D hasn't been done yet and we have had several ideas-in-progress from the devs being spat out. Basic idea is that the better the R&D skills the faster/more research you can do.

The ground combat stuff is out at the moment. PvP combat is actually out, but limited to the Derra system as it is still in testing. I'd suggest reading the Ground Combat rules section to get a better feel for which skills would be best.


Thank you Ellias that is very helpful.

Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
If this is your first character in SWC, you can request a Skill Reset before you hit level 3, so don't worry too much about getting your skills right the first time.
As for what people do in this game, I remember wondering about that too when I first started. The answer is: pretty much just flying around in space ships :)
Whether it's mining raw materials, constructing buildings, transporting people, delivering goods, organizing your fleet, patrolling space, or scanning sectors for new star systems, it's basically all about logging in, taking off, arriving at the job site, clicking a few buttons, rinse, repeat. Everything else takes place in your head (RP).