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Archives » clarification about droids disabled and restraining bolt
greetings everyone:

go to Derra, use an ion blaster, disable [the droid], and attach a restraining bolt. Boom, instant makeover.

- Charlena Halo

Disabled droids can be captured (once per 24h) with a restraining bolt, stealing the droid

- Selatos

am I correct in assuming that disabling a droid with ion blaster and capturing it with a restraining bolt only works on Derra currently?

thx for the attention and all the great new features in the game,



Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
No works elsewhere too with bandit droids


As with all other forms of combat, you can only do this on Derra to other players' entities.

With the addition of bandit droids, you can also do it on other planets, but only to the bandits.

I'm not seeing this as being active outside of Derra.

I've attacked three bandit groups with Droids in the past ten days. One group even had a Droid leader, another had two droids. The droids were always listed as NPC owned, and as such, could not be independently targeted (no "Attack" button on the Scanner screen).

So even when the squad with the Droid leader was eliminated, and only the Droid leader was left, there was no way to attack the lone target, and no way to reduce them via ion attacks.

And yes, I posted this in the currently active Bug report describing droid combat.



Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
I belive it's a known issue that will be dealt with. NPC Owner is neutral, at least according to my scanners, so they'll probably have to make a Hostile NPC Owner.

The droids not having a proper hostile owner is a known issue that's being addressed, but doesn't change the fact that droid combat/disabling/restraining is implemented (or at the least, not blocked) outside of Derra.

I saw a few droids when I was hunting the other day.
What an exciting and interesting new feature.
Has anyone seen other types of droids than the very basic K-4 Security junk?
Is there a chance to see a Super Battle Droid or a rare one with NPCs?


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Charlena Halo
Charlena Halo
At this moment it's just the K-4.


It was thought best not to allow people to easily steal rare, high-value security droids, so the K-4 is the only one for now. Eventually there will be a bandit droid type that is unique to SWC.