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Year 16 Day 172 10:50
Willian Daniel
Willian Daniel
What is planned for tent implementation?


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Year 16 Day 172 12:31
Nobody knows.



Year 16 Day 173 7:31
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
+ to stealth skill, place to lock items inside.


Year 16 Day 173 8:26
I don't know why tents would add to stealrth skill. Maybe if you were inside the camo tent, but not the others. It just makes you a sitting duck. Also, for storing items are you referring to a storage item or a facility-type implementation? because either creates its own problems. It has to be deployed like weapons or bacta tanks.

There's no implementation for tents yet because I don't know if Sel and the group don't know what to do with them yet. Considering almost all the items in the game were added before any kind of solid development plans could be created, its no surprise there are few plans for items that the admins are trying to find a use for, as opposed to adding what is needed. Who knows, tents could just be removed like ammo and so many other badly implemented items.

Year 16 Day 173 8:53
Tents could help increase natural hp recovery rate if "deployed" and in use. Could be useful for long-term ground ops on a hostile planet where medical facilities are unavailable.

Tents could also possibly be used to protect the user and their party from bandits/creatures autoattacking them in the wilderness while "deployed".

Just a few thoughts. It would need to be better refined and debated in a real suggestions thread though.

Year 16 Day 173 9:06
Tents are for pitching. We're all going to be pitching tents.

Year 16 Day 173 17:59
Willian Daniel
Willian Daniel
We really need tents! How come i can camp on the wilderness to hunt and i can't deploy muh tent?


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Year 16 Day 174 7:17
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
Increased health recovery, sounds like one for a medical tent.

Yeah the camouflage tent having some kind of addition to stealth sounds good. In terms of item storage I'm talking about the tent becoming a small container when deployed, can only be picked up when empty.

While at the same tile as the tent would get whatever bonuses the tent provides, but the deployment process would prevent other actions for 30 mins or so.

Either that or you can board the tent as a temporary 1x1 facility and it doesn't have any crew list restrictions and a tiny hull value etc. (gets destroyed and whatever is in side of it appears on the ground.

Uh oh this is starting to become a suggestion thread.

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Year 16 Day 174 22:35
Loftano Drak
Loftano Drak
Combine Jamboree! You know it makes sense!