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Year 16 Day 173 1:09
If I pilot a Frigate, Gunboat, or Corvette does it take any skill into account?

Like when you pilot a Capital or Freighter and your skills help you travel more efficiently.

Just wondering.


Perris Hughes

Year 16 Day 173 1:19
Zrosh Echas
Zrosh Echas
Yes, Fighter/Freighter skill impacts your traveling time.
If I am not mistaken it affects both Hyper and Sublight travel.

You can change the skill in the upper left corner. You will see a huge difference depending on the skill. But the hyperspeed of a ship will still have the biggest affect on your travel time. No amount of skill can weigh up for a fast ship.


Skill 1 HS 1
Long route takes 20 days

Skill 5 HS 1
Same route takes 17 days

Skill 1 HS 5
Same route takes 4 days

Skill 5 HS 5
Same route takes 3 days

So skill does not have particularly big outcome.
Go for a fast ship. But skill impacts RP value though ;)


Which Death is preferable to any other? 'The Unexpected.'
- The Commander
Year 16 Day 173 1:20
Zrosh Echas
Zrosh Echas
But an unskilled dude with no crew could potentially drive a stardestroyer though.
Don't ask =P


Which Death is preferable to any other? 'The Unexpected.'
- The Commander
Year 16 Day 173 2:38
The two freighter classes, gunboats and fighters use the freighter/fighter pilot skill. All the other classes of ships (super cap, capital, frigates and corvettes) use the capital ship pilot skill.


Year 16 Day 173 5:23
Also, you do not need to have any skillpoints invested in the piloting skills to be able to fly a ship.

Skill currently only shortens your travel times.

Year 16 Day 173 7:30
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
Minimum pilot skill for certain ships, that would be nice.

Year 16 Day 173 8:27
No, no it would not.

Year 16 Day 173 10:35
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Each point in Fighter/Freighter Piloting, Capital Ship Piloting and Vehicle Piloting reduces travel time 5% for the relevant entity.