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Archives » Stuck in ship, no way out.
Year 16 Day 173 10:50
Just started playing again after long absence. Have tried to contact owner of ship to let me out on several occasions, to no avail. Is there anything I can do?



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Year 16 Day 174 2:45
If you have used the contact owner option without success, try making a support ticket (link at the bottom of the sidebar) and explain your situation. An ASim should then be able to help you out.


Year 16 Day 174 8:11
Sent you a DM, Dreprak.

Let's see if we can figure out how to get you free.



Year 16 Day 215 17:52
I am in the same situation.... Long absence, stuck in a ship :(

Year 16 Day 215 18:49
And did you happen to try the things listed in this thread already

Year 16 Day 215 19:00
Venari Haliat
Venari Haliat
Why didn't you just post from your profile? Why did you sign out and then post?


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Year 16 Day 215 19:42
Nothing happened after contact owner option. I guess the ship is owned by my ex-faction which is no longer exist. and to make the matter worse, I actually got into a vehicle that i owned that docked in this ship. Now, I can't even exit the vehicle.

I have filed a ticket for this. Pending reply, no email received yet.

I didn't sign out. Perhaps it is a bug. I bet I can't even post a question if i am not signed in status.


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Year 16 Day 216 8:44
The owner of the ship has contacted me. I will try to sort out my problem with him.

Sorry for hijacking this thread. :)


Holaoey! Ooben, Va rastne maj bajan quee!