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Year 16 Day 180 11:02
Hello, i'm a new player with an old account and i am trying to understand the dynamics of the game. I know there are a lot about it and i have read a lot of them but i still don't quite have what im looking for. I would like to know the driving force for players of this game, compared to other mmorpg/simulation game is this game more RP oriented or does it have a stronger RPG side to(grinding, competition between in game chars based on their attributes etc..). I know has both of these elements but relatively which one is stronger? Do factions and player actually compete against each other and how much do character attributes affect what you can do inside the game?


Year 16 Day 180 11:56
I'll reorganize since you have many questions:

Driving Force: It depends. Talk to 10 players and you'll get 10 different stories about what pushes them to keep playing. Ultimately everything is player-driven, so if I had to generalize, this game is driven by Player needs/desires, and their capability of fulfilling same. Probably the most common is the Trading/Resource Acquisition (collectively or individually) game, which covers the 'economic' part of this SIM.

Is the game more RP oriented or RPG-oriented?
There is a Rule about IC/OOC separation, so yes the game is RP-oriented, but being IC all the time isn't enforced. All of the Darkness mechanics come together to make it closer to an MMORPG by definition, and it is easy to go your entire time playing without ever really playing properly IC.

Grinding, Competition between Game Chars based on attributes: Yes, all of the above. Hunting is this game's Grinding - what amounts to optimizing your XP gain per hour. There are many games run by players that utilize darkness mechanics or Player attributes. There are many mechanics in Darkness that utilize character attributes. There is significant competition between players and the groups they form (factions) for resources in the game, but the extent of the actual Head-to-Head competition is limited by the Beta-status of Combat, and various rules that restrict conversion (theft/etc.) of assets.

How much do character attributes affect what you can do inside the game?
- A little. So little that it's not worth stressing about trying to min/max. A lack of skills will not prevent you from trying things, and for the most part, actions are only slightly improved with higher skills. Take piloting: Higher skills in piloting save you maybe 5 % of the time you'd otherwise spend.

There are exceptions: CompOps 5 is required for effectively prospecting for raw material deposits. Due to the way the mechanics work, there's no point in prospecting with a CompOps skill of less than 5 (even though you still CAN if you want to).

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Year 16 Day 180 17:07
That's a little incorrect stating attributes only affect what you can do in game by "a little," Kay.

While it is true you don't NEED high level skills to do most anything, having high levels not only allows you easier ability to do something, it's by far faster than 5%.

A pilot with skill 0 would take 2 days 2 hours (50 hours) to go 100 grids in hyper. That same pilot with skill 5 would take 1 day 16 hours (40 hours.) That gives quite a significant amount more time to do something else.

Another example, a trader purchasing NPCs...each skill level represents a 5% decrease in cost. Not a significant gain on a single NPC, but if you're buying 100+, that's more credits you can use for something else.

So again, while high attributes aren't a requirement to DO things in the game, they certainly affect the AMOUNT you can do in the game.

Year 16 Day 181 1:10
Ok got it, so attributes allow you to perform task more efficiently but for the most part don't restrict you from doing most thing in the game. So, these kinds of restriction will have to self(faction) enforced, basically a faction is not going to want to a fighter to do a merchants job; etc... which is where the RP factor starts coming into play