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Year 16 Day 183 18:03

Before I go to the bug base, any suggestions why I could see all details for a trophy?
Definitely not assigned any entities nor on the crewlist.

ID# 9890
Trophy of XXXX
Stored in Item: Large Backpack Backpack - xxxxxxxxxxx (#149447)
Carried by: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Passenger in: BFF-1 Bulk Freighter xxxxxxxxx (#139735)
Sector: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
System: xxxxxxx (xxx,xxx)
Planet: xxxxxxxxxxxx (xx,xx)
City: xxxxxxxxxxx
Ground: (xxxxxxxxx)

Year 16 Day 183 20:28
Sevk Ill`er
Sevk Ill`er
Do you own/assigned the trophy?

Year 16 Day 183 21:03
I own the trophy.
I assigned it to you.
If you can see all the details I guess it's definitely a bug, seeing as it's within 2 entities.

Year 16 Day 183 21:13
Sevk Ill`er
Sevk Ill`er
I only see it's the on the ship. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure you are supposed to be able to see where stuff is at when a ship is on the surface, your just not supposed to use for tracking people.

EDIT: I however can't see where a couple of my items are at on inventory page. I suppose we need a third opinion.

Edited By: Sevk Ill`er on Year 16 Day 183 21:20
Year 16 Day 183 21:51
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
1. If the bulk is open to all you will see the details. Some factions do that when they have equipment under shields so all their people can access it.

2. If the faction you are in is assigned crewlist of the bulk.

Don't bugbase it, there is enough examples everywhere else that it is working as intended, without having all the facts there isn't anything we can test on it.


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Year 16 Day 183 23:37
Righto ,
thanks for the reply.