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Archives » Wrong info on the technology page
Year 16 Day 187 21:01
Scott Hall
Scott Hall
The info on the Cargo Container says it takes 1 m3 of space.

In reality, in my 35 m3 cargo I can only fit 10.
So that means they take 3,5 m3 of space.
Where can I report this to be corrected?


I'm not the new kid from the block, I'm the whole block, baby!
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
Cargo containers are a unique item in the fact that their dimensions are what it holds inside, and they are allowed to hold up to a full batch of whatever they hold.

Changing it to 3.5 m3 would also be incorrect.

Example: Link

Cargo containers only come into existence when they hold something and then are the dimensions of whatever they hold. So it would be more accurate to say they by themselves have no weight or m3 at all.

Trying to express this on the rules page is probably..... impossible.

Scott Hall
Scott Hall
That is a comprehensive explanation.
Thank you.


I'm not the new kid from the block, I'm the whole block, baby!