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Archives » Unannounced Combat Changes?
Year 16 Day 188 20:17
I realized recently that you can now engage a target even if you have no one in your party that is in range of the target. it used to be that you couldn't attack a target if they were out of range of your entire party.

Was there an announcement of this change that I missed? And have there been other changes to combat that might have gone unannounced?

This change happened before the most recent (Day 186) change to IFF and its affects on combat.



Year 16 Day 188 20:30
I do believe you've always been able to attack targets out of range - you just simply missed your shots. I played around with various weapons early into bandit combat and was never prevented from firing because of range issues.


Year 16 Day 188 20:39
As of early this year (around Y16 D30 or so), if no one in your party had the range to hit the target, you'd get an error message that said, "You have no weapons that can hit that target" (or WTTE). At least one member of your squad, or you, had to have a weapon that had the range to hit the target.

That is no longer the case.

Year 16 Day 204 13:01

Just had a chance to do some hunting, and took my squad to a point where our weapons would not reach. Got this message:


This is the message we used to get, although the background color used to be red, IIRC.

I'm not sure if it was a bug and was fixed, though I couldn't find anything in the Bug Base, or if it was temporarily removed and is now back.

Either way, things are now right in the galaxy.



Year 16 Day 204 22:23

I don't think I ever touched this code to remove or fix it. Maybe your eyes deceived you before! Maybe there's some other requirement for it to appear like only with bandits or only not on Derra.


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Year 16 Day 204 23:23
No, it wasn't involving Derra: I haven't been there in six months.

I'll see if I saved a screencap of that round of combat where all of us missed.

The only thing I can think of is that we were in range when I hit the Attack button, but that the target was moving and made it out of range before the system calculated the final combat.