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Archives » stuck in atmosphere - cannot move
Year 16 Day 191 23:06
Fannar Agnarson
Fannar Agnarson
It seems my char is stuck.

An error occurred: Already travelling. 

I am getting this message for the last 24h. Last travel attempt was to descend to the surface of Derra IV

Cannot ascend, descend, travel across. I can travel inside the ship, but that is it. Crafting keycards has it's charm [for a limited time].

How do I get unstuck?

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Submit a support ticket and the asims can help you out.


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Fannar Agnarson
Fannar Agnarson
Done. Thanks Selatos.

EDIT: followed advice in ticket to no avail, updated ticket yesterday: no answer. Asims must be busy.

Edited By: Fannar Agnarson on Year 16 Day 194 2:25
fixed, probably

If it happens again, just DM me and I'll probably see it faster. I'm not an ASim but I guess they're busy and I can fix this myself usually, depending on the cause

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Fannar Agnarson
Fannar Agnarson
it is not fixed ...

Ghost said
Mon, Jun 8 2015 14:44 - Ghost
It has to do with your squad. Disband the squad and jump on the other ship, make sure it is unsquaded and then re squad and try again.  

I have disbanded the squad and resquadded as asked for - to no avail. I was also asked to get into another ship. There is none though. Besides, getting onto another ship on Derra IV may have a suicidal quality to it, I currently prefer not explore.

You should be safe on Derra, I do believe A/E does not function.

Fannar Agnarson
Fannar Agnarson
someone friendly appeared on the same square with their - in the entrance I clicked on "Board/Exit"; the other ship showed up (did NOT board though) in the list of boardable entities; then made that PC pilot of my ship then myself pilot again. I could travel after that.

Had not tested whether I could travel before all of the above. So, I can't say for sure that the above sequence of actions has caused the release from the 'Already traveling' deadlock.

But I can move again. Yeah!