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Year 16 Day 193 11:33
When combat arrives, what skills will be used, besides heavy weapons, will be used to man capital ship weapons?



"And knowing is half the Battle"
Year 16 Day 193 11:46
We don't know. We're not concerned with space combat right now.

But the better guess instead of Heavy Weapons is Capital Ship and Fighter/Freighter Combat. In fact I can almost guarantee it won't be Heavy Weapons.

Year 16 Day 193 12:40
And Space Command will allow you to captain more than one squad of ships, the same way Infantry Command currently allows you to command multiple ground squads.



Year 16 Day 193 13:57
Careful Belloq, you're assuming that space command will function that way.

Dreprak Wyndstroke, apart from Mikel's statements concerning the heavy weapon skill there really hasn't been much planning into space combat that I've heard, so your questions are far too premature.

Year 16 Day 193 14:18
Cadeus Iram
Cadeus Iram
I thought Space command has already been confirmed to function that way? To push the slot limit past 12?

Year 16 Day 193 16:06
I have 10 NPC's I'm preping to be gunners on the capital I pilot.

If things don't go that way, I'll figure another use for them. Planetary cannons.

Or what ever, I'm not picky. Just trying to see where things are heading is all.

Just thinking it would be nice to have my own crew to solo with.

Thanks for the info.




"And knowing is half the Battle"
Year 16 Day 193 19:28
I thought Space command has already been confirmed to function that way? To push the slot limit past 12? 

Tentative plan but ships will also have additional restrictions since hauling 5 SSDs along with your main party wouldn't exactly be good for balance. Still needs work, so it's hard to say with certainty how that will look.



Year 16 Day 193 22:47

Yeah, too much to really speculate now. Space combat will have to be pretty complex in order to do things like NPC crews as mentioned. I would recommend just waiting until a discussion is started properly with planning from our end.


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Year 16 Day 194 3:20
mfw did not spec into space command because I assumed it only applied to fighters -_-

Year 16 Day 194 17:28
Umbeck Traxer
Umbeck Traxer
Yeah I wouldn't even count on there being a refund of skill points if Space Command doesn't do what you want. You might think it would function like Infantry Command, but judging by how SWC has gone in the past, space stuff could be completely wonked up in the future. Instead of an SSD being 12 slots like now, for all we know an SSD/Home One could become a 72 slot ship and you gain 12 per point in Space Command. It could be that weird.
Or the skill could completely disappear!
No one will know for probably a few years yet.


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