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Archives » Attempting to Resume a station
Year 16 Day 195 19:02
Umbeck Traxer
Umbeck Traxer
I am having difficulty resuming construction of a Trading 2 station. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on how to resolve it.
Here are some details.
The station lost its builders years ago, and I forgot about it. I am now trying to resume it.
The Station belongs to a Gov faction. I was Operator.
I had a Builder NPC that belonged to me, at the entrance of a ship in Orbit at the station. I hit Resume from inventory page and it gave me an error message saying "Cannot resume as there are no workers available."
So I made over a builder to the Gov that owns the T2.
"Cannot resume as there are no workers available."
So I joined up with a Trading faction. I have construct Station privs.
"Cannot resume as there are no workers available."
So I made over a Builder NPC to the same Trading faction while I was in it too. I am supervising this Builder and the manager of it too.
"Cannot resume as there are no workers available."
So Gov made Trading faction the Manager while I am Operator
"Cannot resume as there are no workers available."

So same error... Now I'm thinking, why does it say Worker? Does that mean Worker NPC? That has to be an oversight of coding, surely it must mean Builder NPC like it says in the Rules.
I have not yet hired any worker NPCs to try it out.

Is there some clear step I am missing here?

You must not be traveling
Have at least one builder NPC supervised by you in the entrance/exit room of your ship
You (or your faction) must have enough credits
Have sufficient raw materials located in one or more ships in the same square
The owner, commander, pilot or on the crewlist of the ship containing the materials
Have 'Manage Space Stations' level 2 or greater, if building for your faction
Have permission from the group controlling the system/planet (where applicable)

At coordinates where there are no other stations
In possession of the datacard for the station type you wish to build

I don't think any of those are applicable in this situation. What else is there?

Year 16 Day 195 19:24
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
You cannot currently. Its a known issue


Year 16 Day 195 20:03
Umbeck Traxer
Umbeck Traxer
Ah. So do you know if there any manual recourse, a support ticket to magically make it appear? Or might I have to wait a few more years until it may be fixable?

Year 16 Day 195 22:44
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
Submit a support ticket with the station ID and the problem. ASims can fix it.


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