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Year 16 Day 197 20:47
Hylo Hawkes
Hylo Hawkes
Do factions receive the amount of credits that planet income generates? For instance, does Hapes get 9,205,263,538 credits from Jovaria?



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Year 16 Day 198 10:05

Government-type factions that are set as Governor of a planet, however, receive the tax income, which is the facility income of all the facilities on the planet multiplied by the tax rate.

As far as I know the planet income/tax income figures on the rules pages are entirely deprecated. It might be a decent idea to replace the planet income field with the most recent month's FI total for that planet (or otherwise remove those fields entirely).

Year 16 Day 205 11:13
Helen Hawk
Helen Hawk
I totally agree Mikel


Year 16 Day 208 13:27
Which is silly, governments as losers here, you own the planet, you gain income from FIs and you set a tax rate at your planet, that lowers you own FIs income because of tax rate in fis formula and you get your super bonus tax from minus your own FIs income. So governments get nothing at all.

Besides, as far as I know government-type factions that are set as governor of a planet, do not receive the tax income, as it is bugged....

Year 16 Day 208 14:09
Cedron Tryonel
Cedron Tryonel
The tax system is not completely useless. If a government opened up a planet for individuals to develop their own FI, the government can earn the taxes after investing hardly any credits into the planet minus the controlling flats. It's not the developer's fault that governments are piggishly selfish and want all of the FI. It makes no sense to tax yourself...

Edited By: Cedron Tryonel on Year 16 Day 208 14:09
Year 16 Day 208 16:33
Each unselfish planet owner gives it for % of FIs. Which again makes tax pointless. If you set tax for 15% you will ruin FIs income and of course everyone will just ask for 15% of fis buildings instead! Taxing yourself is the stupidest thing in SWC ever.

Year 16 Day 208 19:53
Cedron Tryonel
Cedron Tryonel
There's no doubt that there's more to gain that way, but with multiple property owners on the planet who in turn have facilities on multiple planets it would be a stupid amount of micromanagement and tracking of facility income to calculate what they owe the government, since there's no way to filter through your income to figure out that "all facilities on planet x has earned y credits"

Year 16 Day 209 8:33
You can just give this % by giving facilities you build to planet owner, no micromanagement at all and everyone is happy.