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Archives » Is the B'omarr Monastery Bug Fixed?
Back in early Year 15, an error/bug involving the B'omarr Monastery was posted here (now closed but archived here).

I'm just wondering if the bug was ever fixed? I don't recall ever reading anything in any of the subsequent Sim News and sync reports.

We all know there are more important and crucial things that require the Devs' attention. So, if the Monks are still reluctant to share any items with visitors who trudge all that way to see them, that's their prerogative.


Though a nice bottle of wine would surely be appreciated.



It hasn't been rewritten for the new script system, that I'm aware of. It would be very easy to do now though. Quest NPCs of the monk race with a simple script to do whatever and give an item (and even track whether the player has ever received an item of the type before) is something the NPC team could do.

I've opened a thread in the NPC team so it's on the list to work on. If I quickly run across the original script, i'll try to bang it out.

Thanks, Kay. I owe you one.

...Yeah, I know, I can't believe I said that either! (:8,)



Cal MacReady
Cal MacReady
Any word on this?

Status is pending someone re-writing the script from scratch. Can't find the original script, so it's not as easy as just converting it.

I'll reiterate what I've said before: If you or anyone you know has a copy of the old script, or alternatively recalls the gist of it, send me a DM with the details. If anyone has a good idea of how it ought to go, send me a DM with the screenplay*.

* Screenplay, in this context means word-for-word interactions between the monk(s) and the PC. So all speeches, descriptions, responses/actions by the PC, etc.