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Archives » Is the 3 week death wait too long?
Back along time ago the death timer was 3 months, a team of people came together and formed the death rules, which have pretty much stayed in their current state for about 10 years now, it was that team that brought up the fact that 3 months was too long and suggested that the death wait to respawn be made into 3 weeks.

The reason behind the death wait was that so a character the died in combat was not able to resurrect and go straight back into combat.

Over the last 10 years the game has developed, but the death rules has pretty much stayed the same.

Now we have a system where a character spawns at either their races home world or their factions hq and can quite possibly be several days hyperspace travel to be back anywhere of any importantance, by which time you would think that any previous combat situations they were involved in would now be over.

Whilst I don't think instant respawning should be an option, maybe it is time to review the death wait, now that combat is fast approaching, my suggestion would be somewhere between 3 days to 7 days.

With the limited numbers we have playing this game the last thing we want is for players to become disenchanted due to dying and leaving the game never to return, because they had to wait too long to rejoin.

What is the question?

I thought the reason for the wait was to prevent people from just trying to get a Force sensitive character...



Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
The question is in the subject line. The answer is "No".

Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller
It's a suggestion poorly disguised as a question because it's a restricted topic in the suggestion forum. If you've been here long enough to remember the death timer being longer you've been here long enough to know better than to make this topic.

Edited By: Nathan Miller on Year 16 Day 205 10:45
Helen Hawk
Helen Hawk
Personally, I don't agree with it for a few reasons.

#1. A/E. If someone A/E's you then you should be expected (at least in my point of view) to have something negative to your decision-making for the A/E to happen instead of just losing assets.

#2. This makes it so, you take care of your character more than just go to the front lines per se and have unlimited respawns.

Now, if admins or the general public think the timer is too long, then what could essentially be a good idea is to lower the 1st death to say 7 days. Then if you get killed again, 2nd death raise it another week, so it would be 2 weeks total and so on and so forth with a cap of 8 weeks.