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Year 16 Day 224 15:13
I believe my home city (Koto, Planet: Neimoidia) is glitchy.

First time I've played the game, it took me a while to realise that the reason I can't move anywhere is that I'm stuck outside the wall of the city. If only I had stayed in the spaceport.

A lesson perhaps... for ignoring the starter guide about joining a faction before choosing my starting location.

Year 16 Day 224 18:26
You should be able to move as you wouldn't of exited onto the wall. You should be able to walk around outside until you get to a gap/gate.


Year 16 Day 224 18:28
Belloq Tull
Belloq Tull
Sorry to hear about your predicament, Vertar.

If you're outside the "walls," that just means you're on one of the exterior columns or rows. But you should still be able to move.

if you go to your Travel window, you should see the city. There should be an opening to the city, and to the buildings inside.

Neimoidia is a Trade Federation city, so I suggest you send a Darkness Mail (DM) to Jasko Faren. Tell him Belloq sent you. He should not only be able to tell exactly where you are, but should (I hope) have a ship to assign you for your travel.

If he doesn't, tell him I sent you. Again. (:8,)

And good luck!


No, I ain't no Jedi

Year 16 Day 224 22:20
My recent testing has shown that you can walk off of a facility if you happen to find yourself on top of one, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Year 16 Day 225 2:02
As far as I can see there are no gaps in the wall here. The city facilities are completely enclosed by the wall around it. I exited the spaceport and ended up over the wall beside it. There are other characters here, perhaps stuck also (assuming I am indeed stuck).

Year 16 Day 225 4:32
You could submit a support ticket via the report bug link on the right of the screen. But if others are there maybe they didn't and why they are still hanging around.

Hopefully if you did as Belloq suggested someone from Trade fed can help you out. Nobody wants to see a new player leave because of a technical glitch.

Good Luck :)


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Year 16 Day 225 7:02
Hello Vertar,

I apologize for your trouble and I've forwarded your information up the chain of command. I don't have sufficient privs to view the city layout from my inventory screen and I'm in the middle of a several day hyper trip or I would come and get you myself. I've suggested that we send one of our members to come and land at the same coordinates that you're at so you can board their ship - please send me your exact coordinates which will be visible in the upper left corner of the travel screen. Hopefully that will be able to get you off the wall and on your way. I do not have an ETA yet and will reply to you via personal message.

Year 16 Day 225 11:48
You could use the Travel > Cross Terrain command, walk over to the next city


Year 16 Day 225 16:34
Raziel Morbus
Raziel Morbus
If I recall correctly, you can't cross terrain on foot. You need a vehicle or ship to do so.


Year 16 Day 225 17:39
You can crossterrain on foot.

Year 16 Day 225 19:03
It just takes a very long time - over a week I think.


Year 16 Day 225 23:30
Belloq Tull
Belloq Tull
A week?! I thought it was a day (~20 hours), last time I checked.

Vertar, you should be able to test that by choosing Cross Terrain and see how long it says it'll take. Or you have the option of submitting a Support Ticket, as Thali`a suggested.

Keep posting here, and we'll work it out. One of the best things about the Combine is it has a vast community of people ready to help our newest members.

Year 16 Day 226 10:07
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Just tried cross-terrain on foot. It said 1 day and 1 hour. Not that it helps. Problem here is that player can't reach the starport, so a pick-up is needed either way.

Year 16 Day 227 6:03
Are you stuck outside of the wall Vertar or on top of it? Can you move around the perimeter of the city or are you completely immobile?

As mentioned, you can cross terrain and since it's a temperate/breathable version you won't have to worry about going unconscious if you reach an adjacent square if its not slabbed.

Edited By: Jasko Faren on Year 16 Day 227 6:09
Year 16 Day 228 21:26
Belloq Tull
Belloq Tull
Jasko, Vertar hasn't logged in since Day 224, the day after he posted the OP.

I've DMed him. We'll see if he responds.