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Year 7 Day 135 20:10
Gren Sairdonga
Gren Sairdonga
I'd like to delete my character and start again if possible, I only just started and realised I did some stuff wrong and can't change it, can someone tell me how to delete the character?

Year 7 Day 135 21:05
Bryce Armadala
Bryce Armadala
The Admin's won't delete your charater just because you don't like it. I set up all my skills wrong, and I asked for them to let me restart, but they wouldn't let me. Your only way to create a new character is to kill yourself by having a faction arrest you then execute you, or to fly into a sun with a cheap ship. But, what is wrong with your character? Did you set up your skills badly, too?

Year 7 Day 135 21:46
Gren Sairdonga
Gren Sairdonga
yeah I did, I selected one of those premade ones and it just isn't right for me

Year 7 Day 135 23:28
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
well there is also a time between death until you can create a new character...not sure how long it is



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Year 7 Day 135 23:29
3weeks :)



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Year 7 Day 138 7:04
Canderous Ordo
Canderous Ordo
Would you wait 3 WEEKS for yourself just keep on killing your character until you get the RIGT stats?