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Year 16 Day 233 17:54
Is it necessary for a Starport to be owned by a Transport faction to make it active, or is assigning the Transport faction as Manager enough? Thanks for any assistance with this. Cheers!


Year 16 Day 233 19:29
CML faction as one assign to a transport faction as a commander and it works fine Mr. Starblade.

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Year 16 Day 233 21:50
Thanks Obi. Perhaps it's a faction thing. Mine is privately owned by me. I attempted to use it today, but was unable. I'm thinking I may need to hop into the Transport faction that I assigned to it.

Any other thoughts? Anyone?...


Year 16 Day 233 23:35
managing *should* be enough for the trade faction.


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Year 16 Day 234 7:19
Despite the above, I've always understood that the transport faction must own the Starport to be able to Depart from it. I think as long as it's Open-to-All or Open-to-Faction you can travel TO it.

Year 16 Day 234 7:25
That's pretty much what I just read in The Guide.
I'm in the starport right now, and there is no indicator that I can take a transport. The only ships I can see or enter are my Wreckers docked there. Thanks Kay, and of course Darlene (we'll talk later). Cheers!

Year 16 Day 234 8:51
Transport Faction Ownership & Management of the Starport (set to Open To All) is necessary to make it work properly.
You've all been awesome! Cheers!

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