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Archives » What are the Factors for Fame?
Year 16 Day 236 15:54
For some reason I couldn't find this. What factors in for a characters fame for their race? Someone told me it was experience points. I'm only level 3, but I'm the 2nd most famous Defel. I'm pretty sure that there's higher level Defel characters out there.

Year 16 Day 236 16:00
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
As there are only 11 Defel PC's in the Combine and the fame measures the top 10 in the species, then the 11th Defel must be lower than level 3.

Ps: The list is in alphabetic al order and not fame order so you may not be the second most famous in your race.

Edited By: Ka`rla Leakey on Year 16 Day 236 16:03
Year 16 Day 236 16:21
Top 10 active characters by XP, sorted alphabetically.

Year 16 Day 236 16:37
Deleted Post
Deleted by Jared Vista. Reason: I didn't read the response. So the post wasn't relevant.