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Archives » Cartography/System searches
Year 16 Day 240 19:16
If you are looking for new systems, do you really need to jump grid to grid or could you jump 2 grids at a time?


~Jarneskeg Yrfeloran

can be seen
Year 16 Day 240 19:48
You can jump 2 grids at a time but you're not going to know if something is in the grid space you jumped over. So it wouldn't be beneficial.

Year 16 Day 240 20:25
I'm not exactly following your thought process. In order to find a hidden system you must stop in that system square. Jumping 2 systems at a time, as Ulrike pointed out, completely misses one system square.

Year 16 Day 253 22:52
Thanks for the assistance. What I was thinking was this: in some systems the gravity well from some planets bleeds over the edge of that system. I was wondering if you jumped over to next the direction of that bleedover would you see the edge of the gravity well bleeding into the next system. I now know the answer is no but there seemed to be a logic to it at the time

Year 16 Day 254 0:53
I see what you mean, but it is like cities on a planet. The grids only indicate the centre of that region - there is lots of empty space between each grid.