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Archives » Production Queue Question,please..
Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
So I'm producing an item in a shipyard.
I pause, said item to start the next item in the queue.
Except I can't seem to be able to move the second item in the queue up to the first slot.

According to the rules: "1.2.4/ The Production Queue & Interface
Each project may have a maximum quantity of 48and up to 20projects may be queued up at once. Projects that are paused or queued may be moved up and down the queue, edited, or deleted at will."

As I'm not very familiar with the production process, I'm hoping someone with some more experience can perhaps tell me what I'm missing.

I don't wish to abort the production of the lead item, and lose those DCs or materials, but I'm getting to the point of aborting it as the only option to start on the next item in the queue.

Any Ideas what I may be missing?

I filed a bug recently as well, wasn't sure if it's something I'm doing wrong in the process or what?

Do you need to retool first?


Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
Yes but I'm not seeing that option, I'm trying to drag and drop into primary position but won't go there.

Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
If production is aborted after the production process has begun will the datacards be lost?

DCs are 'consumed' when Production begins (not Retooling), so the DC is already used up.

I vaguely recall there being a bug report concerning Queue issues on the BB. Search for it and see if it describes what you're seeing.

Off the top of my head:
- try dragging the paused queueItem rather than the new queueItem

Document all the troubleshooting steps you tried/try in detail and add them to the bug report - whether it fixes the issue or not. The more info the QA team has, the easier it is to test and the faster the root cause can be determined.

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Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
Thank you Kay..
I did try dragging the primary one out of the it's slot, it won't engage it only highlights the script.
I can move the second and third queued items back and forth, just not the first.
I will keep track of the events as you suggest. And hopefully the glitch can be rectified.

Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
could this be to do with the fact the drag and drop stuff was removed and production may have not been updated with the new click system


No we didn't touch the production code, it was only removed from the npc interfaces.


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