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Archives » Some Admins should not hold the "hammer", Part II
(Speaking as Jedgar and for my son who is also banned for this same reason)

I posted before with no real response from an administrator. Now I have the tickets from the support center for proof. We (my son and I) tried to correct the issue of multi-accounts per the support system on June 28th by ticket. Originally we tried to register his account as a multi with my account (my account has been with the combine for many years) although when trying to register as multi-accounts it did not register. We waited to see if it would show it later and realized that it was not just a glitch and filed the ticket. Therefore the tickets and support system (not sure that this area is working to well for this game) was our next choice once we noticed the issue.

My ticket number is #931265 dated 28/6/2015 with a status of “Closed”. I am not sure when the ticket was closed or if any administrator viewed it with actual knowledge. Again, I would offer myself as a volunteer to help with accessing bans or items that do not require a superior knowledge of programming. I proposed this previously with no response from any administrator and I guess that I am throwing it out there again.

For those of you who are not familiar with my concerns / issues with the Combine I will provide the address to my previous thread here.


(the above link, you need to remove the "(dot)" and replace with an actual "." to follow or simply search for the thread about Admins and Hammers)

And yes, we are still banned from the game and the only response that we have received is an email on last Friday;

[copy of email]
“[#797891] Wrongfully banned???
Star Wars Combine Support to you show

-- do not edit --


A customer support staff member has replied to
your support request, #797891 with the following response:

please see other

You were banned for asset laundering and people logging into
eachothers accounts.

We hope this response has sufficiently answered
your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead login to your
account and update ticket #797891. You will also be able to view a complete
archive of all your support requests and

//support(dot)swcombine(dot)com/view(dot)=(my personal email)&t=797891"

(the adress above is edited for my privacy)

Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
You were banned for 4 weeks as already said on the other thread and that was now confirmed in the ticket again. The same reasons which were listed in the first thread you opened already.

But as selatos said there already, a forum thread is definitely not the right way to discuss that.


So Naomi, you do not see the error in the banning? That is what I am trying to show, not the fact that we were banned. We know this.

Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
I don't see an error in the banning, I see an error in you trying to get it solved by opening multiple forum thread while the answer to it was to open up a support ticket which was now closed with the final decision by the ASims which you have to accept now.

ok Naomi, we were banned even though we had already submitted the ticket to resolve the multi-accounts issue. We submitted the ticket prior to being banned. Therefore we were trying to play by the rules. If you look at the dates you see that this is acknowledged per the ticket system. So why should we be banned?

2 people playing on multi-accounts, no one dead or died recently. It just does not make any sense. If a person is playing by the rules they should not get banned. Sounds fair to me.

And I get the most response from posting here rather than going into the SWC-help channel and being ignored.

Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
Ok, as you don't want to accept the friendly way, I will tell you in the direct way now.

Before an admin bans someone he looks into ALL the facts and not only if you were registered as a multi and as the events in meanings of inventory etc are monitored for new created characters, your item transactions alarmed the admins who looked into the matter completely. In the end they decided to ban you for 4 weeks which is very human compared to other ban lengths.

You posted several tickets now and two forum threads which all resulted in the admins confirming your ban. Just accept the fact that the admins saw you cheating and punished you for it. You can start playing in a few weeks again but be aware that the admins are having a good look on you then.

Naomi you will need to learn to read through the post before insulting everyone.

"Ok, as you don't want to accept the friendly way, I will tell you in the direct way now..."

I will not admit something that I did not do. I will however try to discuss the issue in a responsible way with the public and administrators. I do not believe that you have read both of the threads. I wish to help with the issue of wrongful bans or help in other ways if the admins see fit in the Combine.

My post would suggest that we were wrongfully banned and the evidence is in front of you or show me intelligently where we misunderstood the rules.

Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
I read both threads and in both threads you didn't wanted to listen to the explanations or when an admin told you to open a support ticket instead of a forum thread.

Trying to explain you, why you were banned even if it is obvious, is like talking to a wall. And I hope a moderator/admin will close this thread here quite soon too as it's useless

These situations are only handled via support ticket. Please submit a ticket so the asims can look into it.