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Archives » Starport vs powered landing pads vs centerpoint space stations
For two weeks I have been flying around ...descending to planets- hyperspace to another system to try again. Why? I need to buy a cp bonus ship with cps. This must be done on a powered landing pad or in a starport per cp exchange guidelines. However...nowhere in the Guide or Holocron is "starport" defined. Are Centerpoint Space Stations "starports"? Or are starports only on planets?
Are these defined anywhere? Or listed? The Centerpoint list only shows Centerpoint owned entities. The planet based Centerpoint locations don't landing pad. But if I go to one of their space stations can I spend cps there? I am a freelancer for now (newb) so no faction locations I have access to. Can anyone direct me?

Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
A Starport is a facility (4x8). You will find it on most planets. Since you freelance, I'd suggest you go to the nearest un-shielded race homeworld to access one. If you want, you can DM me your coordinates, and I will direct you to the nearest accessible homeworld.

Any race homeworld will do - they all have a starport facility and the tooltip on the city you view from space will let you know if an NPC starport is present.

Otherwise contact your local planet controlling faction and ask if they have the relevant facility present and if you can use it.


Thanks for the help!. I appreciate it.


~Jarneskeg Yrfeloran

can be seen
Commerce Centres and Trading (I and II) stations aren't available to buy CP ships, they are only available to access the NPC market.