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Year 16 Day 262 8:30
Charlena Halo
Charlena Halo
I have a custom item that was approved, and it says in my inventory that it should be on the ground in the same space as me. Yet, when I go to the scanner screen or equipment screen, there's nothing there. Do I still have to wait, or is there a bug going on? Btw, I'm no the surface of the planet and I haven't moved.

Year 16 Day 260, 11:24 Your request for the custom item: Top Hat has been accepted by Jevon Lambright and should appear at your current location. 

ID# 7600080
Top Hat
Info: ...
Quartermaster: Charlena Halo
Carrier: Charlena Halo
Aboard the: temperate/breathable Bothawui (#3734)
Sector: Bothan Space
System: Both (283, -133)
Planet: Bothawui (9, 11)
Surface: (4, 1)
Ground: (10, 8)

Edited By: Charlena Halo on Year 16 Day 262 8:31

Year 16 Day 262 8:34
Put in a support ticket. There's an existing bug.

Year 16 Day 262 8:39
Charlena Halo
Charlena Halo


Year 16 Day 262 9:09
Ywp, you cant spawn custom items when you're standing outside.

Year 16 Day 262 11:02
Charlena Halo
Charlena Halo
So now I know. I did submit a ticket, so can they move it inside, or just fix the location?


Year 16 Day 262 12:24
IIRC they'll 'teleport' the item to where you are. The reason it doesn't show up is it 'spawns' inside a container, but while a ship, facility, station are "containers" as we normally think of them, technically a terrain square is a container, too. They spawn "in" the terrain container that nothing else is in, so you can't get access.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 16 Day 262 12:25