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Year 16 Day 267 4:58
Good Morning,

I have a query.

When I put a city into the city designer, it gave back an ER of 1.44.

Once I built the city on a 2x2 planet, with the other 3 cities blank, it provided an ER of 1.54.

Is there something I am missing? There is nothing on the other 3 spots of the planet to interfere with the stats?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Year 16 Day 267 5:25
Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
ER is a planetary stat and the empty slabs affect it together with the 1.44 of the city you built.

You should maybe build the other three cities too and then check the ER

Year 16 Day 267 5:33
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Make sure that everything is powered and assigned correctly, and fi facilities are open to all. And double check the other slabs to ensure there is in fact nothing there


Year 16 Day 267 5:34
ER = Jobs/(Flats + 0.1)

That is the equation for the ER.

No-where does it mention amount of cities or anything else in the rules that I can see that empty cities affect the ER rate.

If I am missing something here please let me know. The city design states 228 jobs, which lines up with the rules, but the planetary stats for ER state 243 jobs. Now I am unsure where the discrepancy lies, but those 15 jobs do not exist anywhere.

Could having an excessive amount of one particular facility cause the ER to stuffup? (It is known that having too many of a particular facility will ruin income stats somehow)

Year 16 Day 267 6:29
I can only imagine that there is some discrepancy between the stats of the facilities in the City Designer and the rules pages. I'd check those. As you say empty cities have no effect and inappropriate number of facilities also does not affect it.


Year 16 Day 267 17:16
Yes that is the problem, something is not adding up, but it cannot be explained.....

Year 16 Day 267 19:15
I'd definitely agree that the problem lies in something on another slab that you cannot see. Have you checked to see if there is a hidden city? If there were other empty slabs or no other slabs at all that would not affect the ER at all. So, either there i\IS indeed another city or the city designer/planet code have an error/bug.

Year 16 Day 270 4:59
I am investigating the problem first hand and will check for hidden cities. If there is none perhaps an admin could shed some light on the possibilities. I dont need to know exact details but if there is hidden things in the code we could all be calculating things slightly wrong.