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Year 16 Day 268 15:20
Crane Baxa
Crane Baxa
I am asking this because I am afraid of accidently getting banned. I told my friend about the game and he wants to join however we live in the same town and sometimes I go to his house. We both have individual laptops and I am just trying to make sure what to do in this case. He has not joined yet as I told him to hold it off.

So the question is that do we need a multi account if we have the laptops at either of our houses or is it ok? I am just paranoid because I seen how long people get banned for and do not want that on me :(

Year 16 Day 268 15:29
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
If you guys will be using the same global IP then yes I would.


Year 16 Day 268 16:03
Crane Baxa
Crane Baxa
Put in a support ticket for a multi just in case. We both do not go on eachothers computers (Being paranoid on security has its perks for me.)

My only issue is hooking up the same wifi and playing this game, getting us both banned.

Year 16 Day 268 16:42
Crane Baxa
Crane Baxa
Alright was told by Superman want to do. You can close this now, making the proper multi-account support ticket.