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Archives » Medicae Neb-B, CR-90, or CR-90 Assassin?
Hello! I was going to purchase either a Medicare Nebulon-B frigate, A CR-90 or a CR-90 Assassin and I just couldn't decide. So, why not ask for tips on the forums?

What I plan to do with one of these ships is to hold my other ship while I go down to a planet, or to use it to haul heavy freight. I currently have a Y-Wing BTL-S3, and had planned on getting a YT-2000. So I figured I could get a bigger ship to hold it all + anything else I could want. I am mainly looking for something that can hold both my my Y-wing and my future YT-2000 and not be too slow in hyperspace. The Medacare Nebulon(Medicare cause that's all they have) is the most expensive out of them, but its also my favorite ship in Star Wars. So I wouldn't mind spending a few extra creds on getting one. The CR-90s are both the same price.

I was unsure if the YT-2000 could stay on the frigate in hyperspace(Han's YT-1300 had to dock under it), and if it cant stay on the frigate then it cant stay on the corvette. So if that's the case, then what ship could I get to fit the YT-2000? Or should I just sell the Y-wing, buy the YT-2000 and not get a larger ship?(I would prefer to have said larger ship, but...)

Just for reference, the CR-90 does not have a docking bay to hold ships (the Assassin, however, does). All three of those ships are slow in hyperspace, each with a speed rating of 2. The CR-90s are not even close to the same price, as the Assassin generally sells for ~100 million credits each (while the base CR-90 is ~14 million). The Med Neb is ~20 million creds.

Med Neb
Weight Cap: 6,000 T
Volume Cap: 10,000 m³

CR-90 Assassin
Weight Cap: 2,500 T
Volume Cap: 15,000 m


Weight: 500 T
Volume: 4,060 m³

A Med Neb can fit (2) YT-200 while a CR-90A can fit (3).

Edit: My suggestion out of the three would be to scrap 'em and buy a Corona-class frigate :p

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I'd second the Corona - it is a more modern Nebulon. However the Neb-B is now a government DC so you should begin to see more of them being sold and available.


Yea, the Corona is available, however is more expensive and out of my price range. Actually, everything is now out of my price range as I was looking at the wrong price list. So, solo freighter it is. Until I get enough creds for a Corona, that is.

If you have the time, you could lease a Sy and build it yourself. Or have someone build it for you, I think it would be cheaper that way.


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Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
If you need help in getting a light freighter and if you are a young player, contact me. I have some spares, and we could work out something :)

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And until you get a Cap Ship to carry your smaller ships, you can Squad your Y-Wing to your eventual YT-2000, and have both at your disposal all the time.


corona or yv-666 both perfect for what you need the yv is faster at hyper 4 and can land.


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Lev Bolden
Lev Bolden
Yes the YV-666 could hold both a YT-2000 and a YT-1300 and a Ywing all at the same time... plus it can land itself and has a hyper of 4 its sublight isn't too bad either for a carrier ship... The corona has a hyper of 3 decent weapons including a tractor beam which Is one of its best features, however it cannot land on its own.

Jumping up to the frigate class of ships since your hoping for larger you can also consider a Quasar or an Arquitens both also have landing ability and a hyper of 3 which is slightly above average for carriers... in particular the Quasar shines with a sublight of 50 and because it has tractors so you can pick up satellites or other ships without having to exit your ship and dock them inside you can just sit in your cockpit and tractor them inside. So the thing that makes the Quasar a rockstar if your into moving stuff for people is that you can pickup satellites on the ground or in space and move them anywhere there is very few ships in the game that can do this. Since you cannot actually pilot a sat the only way to move them is with tractor beams.

If you jump to the Capital class size and speed is your thing consider a C-3 liner... it cannot land on its own but it boasts a hyper of 6...

They are all ships that can be produced currently and most of them should still be cheaper than building a Nebulon B or buying a CR-90a which I do not think the datacard is easy to rent these days. The CR-90 itself as previously mentioned has no docking bay but it can land on the ground and is a good enough cheap ship in its own right except for its slow hyper a lot more players might use them instead of light freighters. It can certainly carry plenty of troops and equipment if your into that sort of thing so its kind of a budget troop transport.