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Archives » Completing interrupted recycling?
Year 16 Day 277 10:05
We've run across a partially-recycled 100-flat Skyscraper [Trevi system, Trevi I (1,0) at 1,1] that registers as a "wreck." We would like to resume recycling and remove this partially-demolished building as per the description of "resuming recycling" in the Rules pages. However, the facility shows up on the city map/inventory list has having no owner, even though it also shows up as still powered. It does not appear in any inventory listing of facilities for any faction that could have owned it.
Because it has no owner and appears on no inventory list, nobody can assign a recycling faction to manage it so we can tear down the rest of the rubble. Is there a solution, or is this just a "dead end" and we have deal with that wrecked building as a permanent feature?


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Year 16 Day 277 10:51
Support Ticket for the issue at hand, and please submit a bug report for the detailed steps leading up to the issue so QA can check it out.

Year 16 Day 277 16:54
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
I will also answer this on your bug report when I close it but figured if anyone else ever sees this they will know what to do about it:

This has happened before in a private bug report of a certain faction's cities.

The reason why according to Saladtoes: "In the past, things were converted to wrecks by a couple of different things (including aborted recycling and at one point some rules that made things wrecks if their hull was too low), but I know that the "display wrecks as wrecks" part of scanners outright did not work. As for the owner issue I am not sure."

So, kinda what Kay said, but in the support ticket put the ID number of the city the facil is in and the position of it. ASims should find it from that.

EDIT: As an addition, no bug report is needed in the future since it is something we know why it happened, just do the support ticket with the info needed so the ASims can fix.

Edited By: Simkin Dragoneel on Year 16 Day 277 16:57

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