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Year 16 Day 280 17:21

My wife, and mother-in law have created accounts as multi's, and I have sent in a ticket to register. I was wondering how long it will take to get their handles approved. It has been over 3 days I think, any help would be appreciated.


Year 16 Day 280 21:50
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
As per all the other threads in this very forum with pretty much the same issue:



Multi account join requests can only be dealt with by the ASims. Those of us on the normal join team cannot touch them. There is no ETA to how long those take, it just will be handled when the ASims can do them, especially if you are talking 3 people in the same house.


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Year 16 Day 281 4:36
Sorry for any inconvenience, I was just looking for some help with this. I will no longer bother the admins. Please delete.

Year 16 Day 283 20:29
SWC is where you go to escape mother-in-laws. What are you trying to do to us, Vord?!

Year 16 Day 284 18:35
Sol Mazer
Sol Mazer
Ha! I couldn't image that on my end....

"Paula, no... wait... no. You have to undock first. Right. Okay.. now, move out of the grav well. Yeah, it'll take that ship about an hour. .... No, there isn't any shooting in this game. No... you probably won't "get" the Force. Yes, I'll get you a R2D2."

I think I'd rather sun myself


Year 16 Day 285 15:43
They just wanted to play the game, I want nothing to do with their accounts, its just they have to register as multi's because we share an IP address every now and then. There's no need to be rude about it, I'm sorry I even posted about this now.