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Archives » Being forced to speak German in SWC?
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A quick search seems to back ya upp there :) I have serious doubts on the numbers tho. With just the US (319mil) and the UK (64 mil) populations we already pass the number used. So it's seems to not include the people worldwide that speak english as a second language.
10. Javanese 84,300,000

- Jay Ceveri

Funny thing, my blood-related family who raised me is Javanese-speaker, although I myself couldn't speak that language, as I was raised on different city/country which uses different language other than Javanese.

I learned English when I was a toddler, mainly from English cartoon which was broadcasted on tivi (typo intended :-p). My dad was confused because I spoke foreign language, which actually that I was imitating the speaker.

As for Germany, I've that experience during my life on campus. I got bad grade for it, for I was unfamiliar with that language, thought German which was taught is Basic Germany. Actually, I've no idea why Germany lesson was taught on English Department. I also didn't get why French was also taught.

Oh well, here I go...
Gutten Morgen, Amigos
Je m'appelle Axpo Gyromex

Oh well, perhaps I should take Germany and French language courses. Maybe Japanese and Mexican/Spanish.



Very interesting read, I chuckled for a few minutes as I read it.

Hober have you ever considered that the person you were speaking with was just trying to be a jerk to you because he could?

Thanks for the diverting entertainment.

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