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Year 16 Day 297 1:38
Without checking the code myself, I have to throw in my two cents: when running debug mode (I'm assuming you are doing unit tests), then the random value is always the same, otherwise you wouldn't be able to check the code with those functions. In reality, the random value is - of course - more or less random.

If the code contains a randomizer, then it will be random within the limits provided to it.

Year 16 Day 297 6:06
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
No not unit test. I ran it through in debug mode. I went in and placed break points and then stepped through the program using a debugger which examines the code in real time as it runs. I saw that it had a seed. This will cause the randomizer to always produce the same number so long as the same seed is given to the randomizer. To even test to show it would never produce a different number I clipped the random generation out of the code placed it in a script and ran it 5000 times in which case produced the same number 100% of the time. Researching seeds, this is intentional and is working as intended.

I cant give the code snipe bc Selatos said that particular piece of code and how it functions, if people saw it, can be abused really badly

Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 16 Day 297 6:17

Year 16 Day 298 22:06
Kendall a question, is there a programmed re-seed of the all galaxy deposits after a few years! When the galaxy 2.0 was done the planets got new deposits because they mostly changed position, but is there a re-seed of all galaxy deposits programmed from time to time!


No. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.
Year 16 Day 299 2:01
Ok, that makes actually sense, sorry for assuming otherwise.

Year 16 Day 299 5:46
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Nay. The only time you will get anything different if the planet moves.


Year 16 Day 299 22:38
I cant give the code snipe bc Selatos said that particular piece of code and how it functions, if people saw it, can be abused really badly 

Security through Obscurity ?


Year 16 Day 300 5:56
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
With the code snippet I can tell you what square, any square in the entire galaxy that would have RMs detected. We dont want that.


Year 16 Day 300 8:34
I answered this in a thread a while ago but just for the record the terrain change on mine depletion is not, and from what I saw was never actually implemented. We've not decided whether we'll implement it in the future.

Year 16 Day 300 9:20
Years ago terrain change on mine depletion worked. I think it was stupid anyway. On ice ball Usk you will notice three desert terrains. Two where glacier and one was a mountain years ago.


Year 16 Day 300 10:47
Aye, was active for sure at one time. The grassland change happened during my time in system.


It used to be all crater til a mine depleted.

Year 16 Day 300 11:03
Good to know. Our version control only went back about 6 years so it's nice to have an example. And I agree that it was dumb, because it just picked a random terrain type. Honestly it should have been limited to rock, cave, or crater. That's what we'll probably do if we re implement it.

Year 16 Day 301 15:29
This happened about 3 years ago, not more than 6 for sure since I wasn't even here in this system with medo then.

Year 16 Day 302 18:25
I was referring to the chance of terrain change on depletion, not your thing, which has been answered.

Year 16 Day 303 15:09
I was talking about mining terrain change change on depletion also. That's why the link that shows the terrain change that took place. It was within the last 6 years is why I responded to your post stating your records go back 6 years. If that is true then your records are inaccurate.

Year 16 Day 303 15:14
It could have been less than 6 years, I just remember it was quite a long time. I can't actually check anymore because our current setup is only a few months worth of history. It doesn't really matter.

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