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Year 16 Day 288 20:46
My faction purchased 4 ships under construction and they show as being modified when you look at them in the inventory. However, ships produced in in the same shipyard, in the same batch of ships, which have been completed and which we also own do not show as modified....does it show the ships as having been modified because its U/C?

Second question is how do you modify ships? Or is that a feature that was phased out?


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Year 16 Day 288 21:18
Modifying ships was never a feature, it was something admins handed out for either legitimate or illegitimate reasons, It has not been utilized since I joined and Redbat left.

No idea on the first question.

Year 16 Day 289 1:56
All U/C ships are modified due to the nature of their stats not matching the stats of completed ships until complete. Once they complete, they will no longer be modified.

Adding to Jevon's post, admin have stated many times R&D is the only way assets will be modified any longer.