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Archives » Freelancing and Faction Sitting (Answered, please close.)
Greetings All,
I have a question that I can't find the answer to so maybe someone out there can help.
If I'm a freelancer and I'm faction sitting, can I still engage in other work such as ship transport or RM transport for other factions or individuals? Or any other odd jobs for that matter?
I've only been playing for a little more than a week so I'm still trying to figure things out and find my niche.
Thank you in advance for your answers/advice.

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"I'm working. What are you doing?"
Year 16 Day 293 6:30
The "can I ..." is something the faction you're sitting for would have to answer, as they're the ones you must agree on contract terms with.

Generally speaking, Faction Sitting is simply 'being on the list of members for that faction'. The purpose is to keep the member count above the lower limit, or some other limit such as those imposed by the Generic DC purchasing feature. Since it does not require your character's physical presence anywhere, you can do anything else you want that does not interrupt your character being on the list of members for that faction.

Year 16 Day 293 8:16
Ah, Thank you!


"I'm working. What are you doing?"
Dratt Darkstar
Dratt Darkstar
With that said, who you are sitting with can also effect what side jobs you can pickup. If you sit for the New Republic for example, the Galactic Empire would blacklist you and treat you as a NR member and vise versa. That would include having a bounty placed on you for your arrest.

So do research before you sign up with someone to be a sitter.