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Archives » Mysterious Egg is worthless?
Year 16 Day 295 19:13
I noticed the rules page shows the price of a Mysterious Egg is 0 credits.

Previously it was worth 2 million.. Is this a typo or has it been changed?


Edited By: Fukara Mist on Year 16 Day 298 18:16
Year 16 Day 299 7:25
Price is based on material requirements and stats.

Year 16 Day 299 9:29
I understand that.

So the Egg being worth 2,000,000 credits in the past was an error and has now been corrected?

The Brain Jar is also now worth 0 credits as well.. Is there some other purpose for the Brain Jar or will there be in the future?

Year 16 Day 299 14:47
The brain jar and a few others are part of jesfa's old Quests project that will likely be revived at some point.

Year 16 Day 301 5:59
So the Egg being worth 2,000,000 credits in the past was an error and has now been corrected?

Year 16 Day 301 11:38
The price of something on the rules page compared to CPM are not the same. It's also going to depend on what is in the egg and such as to how much it will be worth.

The egg doesnt take any RM's to make, so there should be no price attached to it on the rule page. It is a drop, not a producible item.


Year 16 Day 301 15:23
A month or so ago I sold an egg (as I have done several times) to the NPC market for 2M credits.

In the past, the price of 2m was an error or was it a conscious decision to change the rules regarding the egg?

None of the trophies are produceable nor do they have a raw material value so why is it different for the mysterious egg?

Edited By: Fukara Mist on Year 16 Day 301 15:34
Year 16 Day 301 21:32
It might of been changed because the creature inside can be so varied that the value will also be just as varied.


Year 16 Day 301 23:17
Ric`zix Xichiz
Ric`zix Xichiz
As far as I know, the creature type that dropped the Egg is the same type that will hatch from it.

I believe (which may not be true) that the cost change was due to sheer number of Eggs you can get from certain pack types (I'm looking at you, Berry Monster-48 chances of getting an Egg at the Tiny class probability).

At 2 million each, a singular Berry monster Egg (decent drop rate and easy to kill quickly) would be the same value as 4 Rancor teeth (lowest drop rate and much harder to kill).


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Year 16 Day 302 13:22
And now I understand why you are asking. I never use the market so I have never noticed any of that stuff.


Year 16 Day 332 17:58
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Year 17 Day 18 14:36
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