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Year 16 Day 297 19:30
I know the rules pages have been being updated a lot recently, however, I thought I remembered Faction Dissolution being set to the initial cost for starting the faction instead of whatever the initial value was when the faction was created which was sometimes far greater than the value required.

Can someone confirm if my memory is correct or if the rules are indeed correct? They state:

6.3/ Dissolution because of Bankruptcy

If the capital falls below 75% of the initial capital as reported on the Faction Status Overview (see capital amount by type in Factions: Faction Assets), then the faction owner and the faction leader are notified through the general events and faction events menus/clients respectively. If the capital falls under 50% of the initial capital, Bankruptcy is declared.

If bankruptcy is declared, the faction is disbanded automatically. 


Year 16 Day 298 0:02
The rules are correct.

When you create a faction, the assets you use to create the faction are totaled in value and that is your given "initial capital" value. If you go below this value by 50%, faction will dissolve (with script running, you'll have until 1700 combine time to resolve issues.)

The rules for faction creation give the MINIMUM needed to create the faction. They never set a cap to this, so this is why some factions have an initial starting capital of the bare minimum, while others have anywhere from 300-500m+

It's worth noting that, if you're having liquidity issues, raw materials are also used in determining capital for database purposes. It's often safer to create a faction with the bare minimum in credits, and then pad the faction with RMs after so you can free up those credits.

Year 16 Day 298 1:31
Faction Initial Capital on the Faction Overview page was lowered to the minimum regardless of what your actual starting capital was in reality. As an example Medo's shows as 50mil, that was not what it originally showed as and not what we actually started the faction with, it was lowered to that amount by a code change. Somewhere there is a forum thread about this where I commented on not liking it because now our % of growth shown is no longer accurate.

Year 16 Day 298 7:09
Ok, so it was the initial capital that was changed to equal the minimum.