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Year 16 Day 302 4:44
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Belwarmec Al-Thorac

I have been using this older thread to answer most of my questions but I was hoping for some extra information re ships that are less than 80m long.

Yes, with SYs, most definitely the ships are built inside the station if they're smaller than 80 m.

The space limit rules are the same as for Factories.

Shiplength 80m or larger, it's built outside and there is no Space limit.
There is, however, a hard cap of 48 per queueitem. So even if you could fit more than 48 of say Escape Pods in a shipyard, you can only make them 48 simultaneously, and even though you can theoretically fit an infinite number of Tabders outside, you can only make 48 at a time (assuming you can actually store enough materials in ships/stations adjacent).

- Kay Dallben Year 14 Day 154 13:08

Doe this mean if the ship is less than 80m but the Shipyard only has space for say 20 of these ships then 20 is the max and that is that? I was hoping that there was a rule that if the ships were to be produced inside the Shipyyard but the amount is less than 48 then it would alternate to producing all outside to get the max 48?

Year 16 Day 302 12:24
Yes, it means the production cap is the number that will fit inside. So, if you have too many RMs in there it will be reduced even further.

Year 16 Day 304 22:08
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Thank you