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Archives » Handle Question and "Multi" Account.

Two things; More than a year ago, I registered under a different email, "sku11k1n6rulez@gmail.com". I enjoyed my time playing on SWCombine, but I went inactive at some point and left. About a week ago, I registered with the email "sku11k1n6rulez@yahoo.com", as a returning player. Out of curiosity, I logged back into my original account, assuming it had been deleted. It had not, the character was still there. I got rid of the character, but I had no way of deleting the account. Anyway, I didn't know if I was breaking the multi-account rule or not, so if you could be kind, delete the account "sku11k1n6rulez@gmail.com" if possible. Handle should be "Nevex Skern" or something like that.

Onto the second question. I submitted my handle, Javik Keema, a week ago or so, when I registered. It went 3-4 days without an approval, so I removed it and resubmitted to see if it was just overlooked. 2 days or so later, and it's still not approved. I'm sorry if I seem impatient, I just noticed that it was well over the 24 hour mark. That is the normal time it takes to approve a handle, yes?

Anyway, that is all I had to ask. Cheers.

That's the normal time when you don't already have an account. In your case, since you're looking to recreate, basically, but you had an account already, then it requires an asim to look into your account. The normal 24 hours doesn't apply as you can't be approved by regular join team members.

Alright, then.