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Year 7 Day 138 20:26
I dont know if is currently being workted on but:
the guide link
are kind of disconnected.
i tried to acess it on 20:14:37/7/137 to chat with a friend and all it kept saying is that its disconnected and its redialing the attempt.

I dont know if its my computer or if its a bug.
please help

Year 7 Day 139 0:17
The link to The Guide not working is a bug, I've just fixed it (for the time).
As for not being able to connect to the IRC server, did you check the SimNews page? It has a little red or green button near the top that displays the status of the IRC server (red for down, green for up). If it was green and you still couldn't connect, then it's most likely a problem on your end, possibly a firewall or not properly configured router.


Year 7 Day 139 14:43
thank you for fixing the guide button,

I still need help with the java however,
if you are talking about the dot in the far left hand corner at the very top?
thats the only thing thats red. i talkted to my friend and he said it didnt work for him either and it only stopted working a while ago.
however the site irc.swcombine.com is also not online.
please check on it, if it does work then please tell me what is wrong
(fyi I disabled all the firewalls on my computer)