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Year 7 Day 139 2:10
Aiden Cook
Aiden Cook
Don't know where to put this so I put it here.

How much would someone sell a Koro speeder for eg. approximate value

Because over the GM its a bit wack on all the prices the koro speeders are going for.

Year 7 Day 139 2:41
Fanda Suba
Fanda Suba
first tell me the price of what you find it for and second is it faster then a few other speeders 3 then if you see peaple selling them i recon over 200k belive me i have seen peaple selling not good ships or veichals and they want louds of creds and there only want more money and what i mean by is one passenger and 1 gun so you will need a lot of money to get 1 of peaple

Year 7 Day 139 2:50
This doesn't really belong in here but rather into the appropriate forum of the RPG Centre.


Year 7 Day 139 3:27
Aiden Cook
Aiden Cook
Togan what would I swich it to in the RPG center?????????

I got the speeder through the CP exchange system so virtually for free any ideas for how much to sell

Edited By: Aiden Cook on Year 7 Day 139 3:30
Year 7 Day 139 8:19
There are 4 forums about trading on the RPG Centre ... try reading their descriptions and pick the correct one!