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Year 16 Day 326 5:00
Can someone please approve my handle?

Year 16 Day 326 5:08
Since you are registering as a multi-account, only Asims can process your application, which will take longer than usual.

Please be patient.

Year 16 Day 326 5:22
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
People can now register themselves as multis


Year 16 Day 326 6:52
Multi? You mean as in more than one account? Because I don't have another account. My husband IRL has one though.

Year 16 Day 326 6:57
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
And that is why you were flagged. But we have a system now to self register. But I guess you still need permission from the ASIMs. You may need to fill out a ticket


Year 16 Day 326 6:59
It doesn't mean that you are registering a second account, but that you are sharing a connection with another player (thus, you are registering as a multi-account).

That's why you entered his handle in the appropriate field during signup and it shows that in the list of unprocessed handles.

Those accounts can only be approved by Asims, not by the regular join-team members, who are generally faster in processing new accounts, since they don't have to take care of other things.

Year 16 Day 326 11:14
Ooh lol okay. Thank you for all the help. Was starting to think maybe I did something wrong lol.