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Year 16 Day 331 7:35
I just found two hidden cities and neither one was revealed.. This is a bug?

Year 16 Day 331 12:43
What do you mean "found"? You have to manually reveal a hidden city.

Year 16 Day 331 14:00
I descended to atmosphere and found a city.. It can only be seen if in atmosphere.. I thought once you find a hidden city, you can then see it on the planet map?

Either way, I think the cities being there at all could be a bug. I sent a support ticket to investigate.

Year 16 Day 331 15:01
The "reveal on discovery" was changed a few years ago to a manual reveal system.

Year 16 Day 331 23:11
Even then, I think you had to actually land in the city, not just hover above it in the atmosphere.


Year 16 Day 332 9:10
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
As other people have said prior, to reveal a city you need to have landed on it, and there will be a "Reveal City" button where the "Build City" button is located at normally. You press that and it will show it on the map.

If this is in regards to the swamp moon you overpaid for, it is uncontrolled. Anyone can put a city on there that can get past the shields, or the hiddens could have been made before the shield city was put up. Or you got scammed by the person that sold it to you. Being there are so many ways cities could be there, I would investigate those before you cry bug.


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