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Archives » I have a bad feeling about my new ship.
I bought a single passenger ship with a creature on it.

So first question:

Does the creature count as a passenger?

Secondly, if it does, how will I get it off the ship?
I can't get on the ship to form a party with it? Right?

Can I lure it out with an Apple or a salt lick or something? (okay that part is a joke but you get my point)

Did I just buy an expensive creature cage?

(Oh, and yes. I do have ownership of the creature too.)

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Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Yes, it counts. You can enter the ship by boarding alone and using the external "Kick passenger" link that pops up. The creature will be kicked to another ship of yours or on the ground if you're landed.

Ok according to the Rules under Movement Section 8 Kicking Off Passangers:

"Pilots of entities may kick any passengers off their entity from inside the cockpit for any reason, using the internal kick option. To do so, the entity must be located on the surface of a planet.

Anyone with access to an entity that is full may also kick out a random passenger from outside of the ship in order to regain access to it, using the external kick option.

This may kick out a creature, NPC, droid, or PC.

This feature is intended as an OOC tool to allow players to regain access to their entities that are full, and it may not be used for IC purposes. This means that loading an entity until it is full and kicking off passengers until a character on board is forced into a position where they can be arrested is not an acceptable use of the feature. Kicking a passenger out of a single-room entity into a position where they can be arrested is also unacceptable. However, using the external kick feature in order to free up room on an entity in order to board it and arrest a passenger is acceptable."

If your in space, try forming a squad with the ship and taking it someplace where you can kick the creature out.

I think this will solve your problem.

Good Luck.


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Venari Haliat
Venari Haliat
Go to Serroco or Derra and kill it.


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Lol I can not kill Bubbles! Though, it does kinda sound I just can't.

Seriously, thanks for the responses. That makes sense. I had completely forgot about kicking because I have never had a reason to use it.

Thanks Again.


~Jarneskeg Yrfeloran

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Yea as said above you can kick it. But since you also own it you can also just party it and walk it off and into another entity if you want.

Jay, he cant get onto the ship if the ship only holds one passenger, so that option isnt there. He would HAVE to kick the creature from the ship, from the outside.


Ahh yea, I didn't notice it was a single passenger ship.

I have a related question. Musashi mentioned the rules regarding using the internal kick ability, but I can't seem to find it. I have some droids and a lost soul on my ship that I want to get rid of. If I can't remove them I may try to take them to Derra and kill them. Any advice? Thanks.


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Year 17 Day 4 14:14
It's Not a Feature! (SIMNEWS)

Rules: Movement -> Kicking Off Passengers

Edit: Opinion
In short, you should only use the kick passenger function to let you board a ship you have rights to board. You should not use the function to kick those droids and lost soul from your ship. Hence, Derra & killing is the viable option I see.

Note also for Lost Souls you can request Ellias Aubec make them over to you, and you can DM the Droid Owner to ask them for manager/etc. so you can dump them elsewhere.

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Kay, I think he is talking about the option once you are inside the ship in the cockpit room, you see a list of all the passengers and can kick individual people off of the ship. Just expand the passengers list at the top in the travel page.


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