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Archives » Event notifiers not updating
Year 16 Day 345 12:30
How often are the event notifiers supposed to update?
Sometimes I get a new inventory event or message, but the icon doesn't flash/say there are new things. Even after refreshing the page.

Just like today. I was waiting for some facilities to be assigned to me, when I suddenly saw them show up in my facility list, but no change in the notification icon. (Time 12:20). I closed the page and revisited SWC and it still showed as "No new inventory events". Clicked on it and it showed I received them 12:16, AND that I had a new message all of a sudden, received also 12:16.

Is there a delay maybe, where it only updates every 15 minutes? (or something like that) Or is it a bug?


Year 16 Day 345 22:15
I don't think I got my last two 'blinks' for general events

Year 16 Day 346 8:25

The event notifiers are cached to avoid searching for new/old events on every page load when it is most often the same as before. They try to be updated reasonably close to when events happen but sometimes it can be off by a few minutes.


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