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Year 16 Day 349 9:10
Hello it's my first time playing Combine so me asking this might sound noobish or even bordering on being impatient, but I'd like to ask nonetheless about how long is the character approval waiting time duration usually gonna take? I've sent my handle for approval since yesterday so it's been a little over a day now. I was wondering that maybe my handle name wasn't really complying enough to the rule albeit I couldn't tell since it still says "awaiting for approval". So here I am..

Hoping to play and enjoy the game. Really looking forward to it. Many thanks!

Apology for have missing this, but my proposed handle name is Aryveyin Nivkhs

Edited By: Aryveyin Nivkhs on Year 16 Day 349 9:14
Year 16 Day 349 9:31
Typical wait time is a day or so. It can take longer if there are concerns that the account is from a multi-use connection (such as other family members having accounts, you having an Old account, certain public access terminals, etc., as that requires an ASIM to do more checking, and not just the Join Team confirming the name complies with the rules.

Year 16 Day 349 9:55
I just went through all the pending approvals. If it wasn't approved, then your handle must have been denied by someone else, and you should check to see if you can submit something else.